How our process works

We start by obtaining information from you about your custom piece including the design, the type of materials, and your needs out of the piece. This will help us guide you to the best options to meet your needs and price range.


If necessary, we will travel to your location to take measurements of your boat or large jobs.



What comes next:

  • We provide you with an initial quote

Your quote will be based on the information you provide and the options you select. When the estimate and time frame is accepted, your order will be finalized with a deposit, and we put your order on our schedule.

  • We will contact you

Once we are ready to start your order, we may contact you to determine any need for any fitting, any questions we may have, to inform you of any recommendations, or if we need further information from you.

  • Inspection and Recommendations:

When we get to work on your custom item, we will inspect any reupholstery and advise you of any detail not noted at the time of the estimate and let you know of any price change if any before moving forward. If we are designing your item and find any other improvement recommendations that may not have been thought of during the estimate process, we will inform you and make you aware of possible additional charges.